Sunday, February 5, 2012

Birthday Fun!

Last weekend was Maverick's 3rd birthday party. He wanted a Disney's Little Einsteins theme, since he loves the show and absolutely loves music. When I started searching for party ideas and supplies, I learned quickly that Little Einsteins were popular in 2008. Needless to say, I had a really hard time finding supplies. However, it worked out nicely because I was forced able to make most of what I needed. The only thing I bought were these party hats.
He put a party hat on his toy and sang happy birthday to it.

I figured 3 year olds needed more entertainment than we had at his 2 year party, so I made three stations with things for them to do. The first station was the Making Music station. Unfortunately I was the hostess and the photographer so I didn't get any pictures of it. The kids made jingle bell bracelets using small bells (on the Christmas clearance aisle, thank you) strung on pipe cleaner. Also, tambourines made from paper plates and dried beans. And lastly, egg shakers (made from plastic eggs, rice and lots of tape). This is the station that required the most help, so I ended up being planted there for quite a while.

The most popular station was the Dinosaur Dig. The kids LOVED this, and who wouldn't? Sand indoors?! I got the sand from Lowe's and makeup brushes from the Dollar Store. They actually did a pretty good job containing all the sand in one spot.

The last station was Painting Pictures. There were watercolor paints and small cups of water for the kids to paint pictures. I was definitely not brave enough to use "real paint" on the carpet!

This party was seriously so much fun to plan because Maverick finally knew what was going on! That added some pressure too, but he kept saying all day, "This is so fun mom! Can it be my birthday tomorrow?" So sweet. Here are a few more pics...
He REALLY likes opening presents.

The Rocket cake...saved by my mom and friend, Colleen

The welcome sign.
And an update on the little one...he doesn't care for peas. 

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