Sunday, February 19, 2012

Follow up...and ideas for this week

Here are some pictures from last week's Valentine themed lessons.
Maverick made cards for his grandparents and great-grandparents. Don't be fooled by how studious he looks in this was his FIRST card! :)

The completed cards, ready to mail!
We glued velvet on the V. I had a hard time finding velvet (only looked at Walmart and Target) and then while I was walking aimlessly through Target (which I do OFTEN) I saw a ribbon leftover from Christmas clearance that felt and looked like velvet. So we used that and it was an easy and cheap alternative to going to an actual fabric store.

We also sorted and counted candy hearts. I used the little 2 oz cups to help Mav make piles of like colors.

Then he dumped each cup and touched and counted each heart (one to one correspondence) and I wrote the number on a sticky note. 

After all the hearts were counted and the numbers written, Maverick noticed that several of the numbers were the same. I was so shocked and proud that he came up with this all on his own! We then put them in piles and talked about less and more. 
Of course he got to eat a few once we were through.

Then I decided to stick the stickies with the numbers in random places around the house for Maverick to find them as he went about his day. This is a good way to practice numeral recognition. He loved finding the numbers all over the house and acted like they got there on their own.

All in all, it was a great Valentine's week.

Here's what we are working on this week:
Letter/Sound: Mm
-Glue macaroni on the M
-Starfall website work with the letter M
Reading/Comprehension/Theme: The Mitten
-Read The Mitten by Jan Brett (there are also other versions, but my library was out of them- it would also be great to read the three different versions instead of reading the other mitten books listed below)
-Act out the sequence of The Mitten by Jan Brett (loved this idea of using masking tape outline of a mitten to act out, but using cut outs of the characters since we don't have several students to use) We plan on coloring and cutting out these printables after reading the story in preparation for retelling
Math: Counting/Sorting
-sort and count m&m's
-group by more/less/same
-"hide" numerals around the house
-counting by 2's to 10 using construction paper mittens
-Mitten patterns using construction paper mittens
-painting mittens

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