Sunday, November 20, 2011


This activity was from Thursday on the lesson plans I posted last week. Since we were studying circles, I remembered a recipe I had seen on Savvy Source for mini apple pies and thought it would go perfectly with our theme. I altered the recipe a little to only make 4 little pies, since Maverick really doesn't eat food like this and I didn't want to have to help him!
What you will need: 2 small apples, or one large, cut into thin wedges; small package of refrigerated biscuits (the kind you pop out of the can and put in the oven); brown sugar and cinnamon.
Apples cut into thin wedges (obviously an adult job)
Mix 1/4 cup brown sugar with 1 teaspoon of cinnamon. This part is super fun for the kiddo.

Next, smash one side of a biscuit on a cookie sheet, place apples on top, sprinkle on brown sugar/cinnamon mix then top with the other side of the biscuit (squished).
Here is what it looks like with all the ingredients, just missing the top
Make sure to poke holes in the top biscuit before placing in the oven. Follow baking instructions on the package of biscuits. oven does NOT get hot on the outside

Doesn't this look delicious?
Cooking is a great way to practice following steps, which is a great pre-writing skill even though there is no writing involved! Also, I tell him what size measuring cup we are using even though he has no clue what it means. The more they are exposed to this vocabulary and use these measuring tools, the better equipped they will be when they actually learn the mathematics behind it.

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  1. Good work! Looks like a yummy treat, too...
    I love how all of your lessons teach more than the obvious lesson. Can't wait to see more!