Monday, November 14, 2011


Remember I said I would write on here about my successes AND failures? Well, today was one of those failures. If you remember from my schedule post, Mondays are clean the house Mondays. Maverick had been helping me a little, but mostly just playing in the same room, or in his own room. I had to go feed the baby (because Solomon is on a nursing strike, I have to feed him in the dark nursery, rocking in the rocking chair...extremely convenient when you have a 2 and a half year old running around unsupervised!) and told Maverick he was to go in his room for "room time."
It was VERY quiet the whole time I was feeding Solomon which I found a bit strange, but delightful at the same time. I came out to discover Maverick with gobs of hair wax in his hair, on his forehead, and on his shirt. He had gotten into one of our drawers in our bathroom and helped himself to some hair product. He has never been one to get into things, so I was really shocked (I know I'm naive). I threw him in the tub and tried to wash it out, but wax doesn't come out!!!! This is what he looked like AFTER clean up...
This was DRY!!! Can we say greasy? Ewwww. I ended up having to shave his head.
All of his hair :(

The hair is all clumped together in one pile because there was SO.MUCH.WAX! Here is his after shot...

It's still pretty messed up because no matter how many times I wash it, that wax will not come out.
You know, there are some days that are just hard and I feel like I fail at everything I try to do. But, I try to remember to be present. (Sheila Thompson spoke about this at our church's last Mom good!) Don't wish the days away, because they already go way too fast on their own. So, I will choose to enjoy these mishaps...well, maybe not enjoy them, but learn from them and hopefully both of us will come out more disciplined in the end. :)

P.S. Tomorrow I will be posting LESSON PLANS!


  1. Haha, what a story! I SO know that situation though, where you have a nursing strike baby and can't do anything but go into a dark room - like you said, NOT very convenient with a 2-yr-old! :) Hope the strike ends soon!

  2. He is still adorable with a shaved head :)

  3. I really appreciate this post. It's refreshing to hear about others' trials and know that as stay-at-home moms we aren't alone in them!