Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I am a very schedule oriented person, thus my children forcibly willingly are as well (one can hope). There are several schedule samples for tot school all over the Internet, but here is what works for our family...

Monday is clean the house Monday. I found that it's way easier for me to spend most of one day cleaning the house, rather than trying to do a little bit each day. At the end of a Monday I feel such a sense of accomplishment looking at a completely clean (for 5 seconds) house. Maverick helps me with cleaning on these days as part of school. He vacuums with a little handheld vacuum cleaner (BEST purchase ever), sweeps with a small brush, and helps me wash the dishes.

These chores teach him responsibility, following directions, completion of a task and how to make a great husband someday (haha). (Side note: Laundry is not included in Monday's tasks as that literally takes ALL.STINKIN.DAY!) I also let him color, paint (with watercolors), play with playdough, etc. to keep him busy while I clean.

Tuesday is special project day. I try to do some kind of learning art project on this day. Wednesday is cooking day where he helps me cook or bake something that has to do with that week's theme. Thursday is another day to learn math, reading, science skills, etc. And Friday is our field trip day. On these days we go to the park, the library, some kind of play place, meet friends for play dates, etc.

Playing at "Shipwrecked," a local play place.
Now, as I said in an earlier post, things don't always go as planned and I don't always get to adhere to this schedule, but it helps me plan better and feel more organized. 

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